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Welcome to The

Ashford Partnership Against Crime Ltd

Company Number 12740461


A.P.A.C. is a Business Crime Reduction Partnership. We are a not-for-profit organisation consisting of some 55 businesses and partners in and around Ashford, Kent.
  • Linked together via a 'town net' radio system, members can contact the local CCTV Control Centre, town centre security teams, PCSOs and Police.
  • Access is granted to an interactive, secured website, regularly updated with local crime intelligence, images and information for business premises provided by local and national government.
  • We provide a mobile version of the website, with easy access to information reports, and details of those excluded under our 'Exclusion Scheme'. This can also be used to provide 'quick-time' information to other members, and reports of crimes or anti-social behaviour as it occurs.

We operate:

Those premises mostly open for business during daytime hours - the Daytime Economy (DTE). 


Licensed premises, open for business during either daytime hours or into the Night-time Economy (NTE). 

Our partners 

Join the Ashford Partnership Against Crime.  Apply online here (via secure link)
Download our pdf guide to the joining process here.

Are you employed by a business already in the Partnership?
Do you work with one of our Community Partners?

To use our radio or access our website, please register as a user here (via secure link)

Principles of A.P.A.C.

Our Scheme is based upon seven principles:
1.  The prevention and detection of crime.

2.  To reduce the opportunity to commit crime.

To reduce fear of crime and the effects of fear of crime.

4.  Assisting the apprehension or prosecution of offenders.

To create a "safe and secure" environment for customers, staff and visitors.

6.  To strengthen partnership working with the business community, police, local authority and other key agencies and organisations.

To be an integral part of the local community safety and crime reduction strategy, and work in partnership    with those responsible for delivering the community safety action plan.


To report crime to Kent Police

If a crime is happening now, particularly if it has been or appears to be involving violence, call 999.

To report non-urgent incidents, you can call 101, or alternatively use their online reporting system:

Kent Police Online Reporting

If you're deaf or hard of hearing, use the textphone service 60066 or text them on 999 if you’ve pre-registered with the emergencySMS service.