Tuesday, 19 November 2019      3:11am
Welcome to Ashford Partnership Against Crime

A.P.A.C. is a Business Crime Reduction Partnership. We are a not-for-profit organisation consisting of some 75 businesses and partners.
  • Linked together via a 'town net' radio system, members can contact the local CCTV Control Centre, PCSOs and Police.
  • Access is granted to an interactive, secured website, regularly updated with local crime intelligence, images and information for business premises provided by local and national government.
  • A mobile version of the website, with easy access to information reports, and details of those excluded under our 'Exclusion Scheme'. Can also be used to provide 'quick-time' information to other members, and reports of crimes or anti-social behaviour as it occurs.
  • We belong to the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships, and are registered with the National Pubwatch Scheme.
  • Representation at the local Community Safety Unit

We operate.

Those premises mostly open for business during daytime hours - the Daytime Economy (DTE). 

Licensed premises, open for business during either daytime hours or into the Night-time Economy (NTE). 

  • Kent Police
  • Ashford Community Safety Unit
  • National Association of Business Crime Partnerships
  • Ashford Borough Council
  • Individual Members

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