Becoming a member of Ashford Partnership Against Crime Ltd could benefit your business. You will become part of either our Shopwatch or Pubwatch Scheme.

Membership can increase the security of your premises by providing access to the town centre radio system.

  • Immediate reports of those committing crime is shared by other members, and you have a link directly to the town centre CCTV monitoring centre.
  • Monthly meetings of Shopwatch & Pubwatch Schemes allows you to share information and good working practices with other Scheme members. 
  • Access to the A.P.A.C. website allows you to review incidents that have occurred recently that you might not otherwise be aware of, plus you can view images & information of those committing crime locally, shared by other Scheme members.
  • You are able to share information of persons committing crime or disorder in your business premises; partners provide additional 'eyes and ears', and so provide warnings of potential threats to your business.
  • Our exclusion scheme means that persons excluded from one business are excluded from all businesses in the Partnership. This removes the conflict caused where a single business excludes a person, and provides 'safety in numbers', as the exclusion decision making process is carried out remotely from the business premises by the Scheme Coordinator and Board of Management.


Full membership of the Scheme is currently £364 per year, payable 1st April. This includes hire of a hand-held radio with access to the 'town net' radio system.

Associate membership is provided for those businesses where radio coverage may be restricted, and is currently £182 per year.

Membership applications are welcomed at any point in the year, when a fee equivalent to £1 per day will be applied, up to the following 31st March.

Prices are inclusive of VAT

We are advised that membership fees are tax deductible for  your business tax purposes. Please notify your bookeeper or accounts department of this expense.

To join our Scheme, please apply using our online application form.

For more information, please email